Understanding What A Vaginal Infection Feels Like

Vaginal yeast infections can be not only a pain, but painful to have. Many women tend to get them and not just once. There are a number of women that experience multiple yeast infections during their lifetime. If you have had one in the past, it’s very likely that you will have another one in the future. Let’s see what this type of infection is like.

You may be asking yourself ‘what does a yeast infection feel like‘? This is a very usual question that many women have. I mean you hear about these types of infections and the many treatment options (you can find the how to use application guide for Yeastrol there) on commercials all day long, however how do you know when you really have one?

Candida symptoms in women include:

intense vaginal itching
an itchy and swollen labia
painful urination and sex
milky white vaginal discharge